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Understanding abstract art? And why should I care?


Understanding Abstract Art

Abstract art has been around over 100 years ago, and started with cave paintings that were created thousands of years ago. It has definitely held its own against changing movements, testimonials and manifested, for all of these centuries.

Abstraction literally means the distancing of an objective reference from an idea. What that means is in the visual arts is pulling a depiction away from any literal representational reference points.

Abstract art can also be called nonrepresentational art.
 What continues the interest in abstract art lies in its ability to inspire our curiosity, expand our imagination.
It gives us the potential to create something completely unique in the world. 
I love creating abstract art because it is a personal expression of what I'm feeling inside, and when I am engaged with it, I am fully caught up in the medium, mission, and tools. 

I never think about the end result of the product because I enjoy being in, and engaging in the creativity process, and that’s what’s most important to me. 
 When I am painting, I completely disassociate from what is happening in that moment, and enter a place of a pure state of creation.  
Everything I paint comes from the subconscious mind, I believe, and it’s very therapeutic and healing. 

The prominent use of abstract art has allowed me to better communicate my ideas and emotions about life, in its multi faucets of ways. 
 Abstract art is especially unique in the way that it creates a statement, and gives others something to talk and think about.
 I hope you received some valuable information in this post that you can take with you on your search, to find the perfect art for your home. 

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